Financial highlights

In 2020, we continued to execute on our strategy to build a sustainable insurance distribution group by putting our people first and empowering them with trust and technology to deliver for clients, hiring entrepreneurial talent, investing in innovation and executing on strategic acquisitions.

This strategy has proven successful, despite the extraordinary challenge of a global pandemic, as we closed the 2020 financial year with strong performances across all business units delivering organic growth of 6%. Today, including A-Plan Group and acquisitions completed after the financial year end, we are a business of 8,500 employees in 45 territories delivering approaching £1bn in revenue pro-forma. Critically, more than 1,300 employees will be shareholders in the business we are building.

Giving back to local communities and the wider world and focusing on accountability for the impact of the Group’s operations remains a central focus. In order to support this imperative, a number of initiatives have been implemented, including the creation of a Sustainability Committee and making the Group’s charitable Foundation a shareholder in the company, which enables it to grow as the business grows.


On a bank reported basis, including 12 months pro forma effect of acquisitions:

  • Revenue of £777m, an increase of 7%
  • Adjusted consolidated EBITDA of £223m, an increase of 6%
  • Total organic growth of 6%
  • Cash, cash-like and other facilities of over £300m to support sustainable growth and selective acquisitions
  • Balanced geographical business model demonstrated by revenue split: 17% UK, 27% Europe, 24% North America, 5% Latin America, 19% Asia Pacific, and 8% TMEA (Turkey, the Middle East and Africa)