Building a sustainable business

The five guiding principles upon which Howden Group was founded in 1994 were focused on building a business for the long term that we can all be proud of.

  • Equity ownership - the people in the business, own the business
  • Minority external investment with a long-term outlook to support our growth
  • Expertise - to serve our clients
  • Friendship and trust - to build culture
  • A commitment to building a business for the long-term with independence enshrined in its fabric

Whilst the principles remain the same more than 25 years later, the strategic priorities that sit behind them have evolved over time.

We have the talent, the breadth and depth of specialisms, and the global reach to deliver this expertise to clients wherever they are in the world. We also have the data, digital and analytics capabilities to deliver value beyond the transaction for our clients and markets.

All of this is underpinned by sustainability, which sits at the heart of our strategy through the people we hire, the work we do, and our own impact as a company.



When a business puts its people first they feel happier, more fulfilled and more empowered. That’s not just good for them – it's good for our clients too. That’s why for us, People First is not a set of policies or guidelines: it is at the heart of everything we do.

We support our people’s aspirations and give them the opportunity to make a difference. That’s it. No strings attached, no hoops to jump through. Opportunities are there for the taking and our teams’ success benefits us all. It’s been true since day one, and it still stands today.

Howden Group is built on a foundation of employee ownership, which is why we are proud that our employees are the single largest shareholder in the group.

Sound like somewhere you’d like to work?



Global Specialisms

Our local experts around the world form a network of shared skills and knowledge. Laws, cultures, businesses, and markets vary, but the connection between our people means that we can bring our clients the expertise they need, wherever they want to do business.

That means we can always connect the best people to deliver innovation for change. Whether that’s securing highly sought after capacity for difficult to place risks, working with the Danish Red Cross to place a revolutionary new bond to provide disaster relief funding, or anything else that helps our clients to adapt and respond to an ever-changing, volatile world.


Digital andTechnology

The cyber revolution has affected everything – from politics and economics to health and communities. The world expects to receive its products and services in ever smarter, more efficient and more immediate ways. The insurance industry must address those expectations and become part of the solution.

Our approach to tech and data is as results focused as the rest of our business. We integrate insurance experience and digital expertise that create digital products and services that simply deliver better service and value for our clients and business partners and we push boundaries. 

Digital and technology