Howden Driving Data and ANWB extend partnership, deploying telematics and behavioural data to increase road safety


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London, 10 October 2023 – Howden Driving Data, a leading telematics provider and part of Howden, the global insurance group, announces that is has renewed its partnership with ANWB (Royal Dutch Tourist Club). As part of this partnership, Howden Driving Data provides the technology behind Drive Safe, ANWB’s telematics-based pay-as-you-drive insurance product, enabling customers to access insurance premiums that accurately reflect their individual risk profiles, and empowering policyholders to become safer drivers through personalised feedback, coaching, and intervention. 

ANWB will also continue to benefit from detailed data on the Dutch road network from Howden Driving Data’s Telematics App and Smart Beacon solution, which has provided billions of miles' worth of driving data from ANWB's 75,000 active policyholders, assisting local authorities in understanding road network usage and identifying high-risk areas, aligning with ANWB’s mission of achieving zero traffic casualties by 2050. By 2022, the number of road authorities benefiting from the service had more than doubled to 190, representing over 50 percent of all road authorities in the Netherlands.

Menno Mimpen, Senior Product Owner Data & Road Safety, ANWB, said: “Our partnership with Howden Driving Data has enabled ANWB to offer a range of data-driven services to local governments that will ultimately improve road safety and save lives.  We will continue to develop further products with Howden Driving Data to improve driving behaviour, which we anticipate will result in fewer traffic casualties.”

Jon Law, Managing Director of Howden Driving Data, added: “ANWB is a forward-thinking and innovative organisation, and we feel privileged to be part of a solution that focuses on improving road safety.  Having worked with ANWB for the past seven years, and through extending the partnership for a further five years, we look forward to supporting ANWB over the long-term and we remain excited for what the future holds.”