DUAL’s new flood WebRater allows fewer keystrokes and higher hit ratios


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DUAL has just released enhancements to their online rating platform allowing users access to two flood programs and an estimated 25% increase in eligible properties.

DUAL North America has announced today new improvements to their popular WebRater for primary and excess flood that further simplify and enhance the online quoting experience for brokers. The updated WebRater is easier to use, requires fewer keystrokes, and allows higher hit ratios with access to multiple underwriting program options.

The new Flood WebRater creates an instant and bindable premium quotation complete with e-signature, surplus lines and tax filing capabilities, and online payment options through ePay Policy. DUAL will now be offering a choice-driven model for two underwriting programs offering primary flood limits up to $5 million and additional excess flood up to $45 million. Each will have a different underwriting appetite, increasing property location eligibility estimated at 25%.

DUAL’s Primary & Excess Flood insurance solutions will offer the following:

  • A.M. Best A rated carriers
  • Deductibles as low as $1,000
  • Nationwide – Non-Admitted coverage
  • Competitive rates against the renewing NFIP policy
  • Replacement cost loss adjustment
  • Business interruption/loss of rents
  • Additional living expense
  • No elevation certificate needed on certain risks
  • Basement coverage available on certain risks
  • Lender acceptance of policy wording
  • The ability to schedule multiple locations in one policy
  • Manual review of properties with negative elevations
  • Excess flood with blanket coverage over program sub-limits.

Patrick Small, President of DUAL Specialty Flood, said: “It is undoubtedly an exciting and turbulent time in the flood insurance market. At DUAL, we are committed to providing our partners with the best service and information throughout the market changes. The new enhancements to the online rating platform will allow us to provide our brokers easier and more comprehensive access to flood insurance options than ever before.”

For any questions about the flood program or to be set up on the new WebRater, contact Tom Becker at [email protected].