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RKH Specialty Aviation team trebles in size as it builds largest independent logistics team


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RKH Specialty (“RKH”) today announced the appointment of 14 new senior Aviation experts in London and Colombia, as part of RKH’s wider plan of building the largest independent logistics team.

New hires in London are:

  • Alex Robinson, Divisional Director
  • Chris Vince – Divisional Director (joining on 2nd October 2020)
  • Marcio Rosset – Divisional Director
  • David Clewley – Associate Director
  • Karen Korkmaz – Associate Director
  • Michael Dumenil – Associate Director
  • David Bowers – Senior Account Executive
  • Ross Millar – Account Executive (joining on 6th July 2020)
  • Simon Smith, Divisional Director, (joining in December 2020)

In Colombia, Alejandro Ramirez Gomez and Maria Claudia Forero Mendoza join as joint LATAM Head of Aviation, along with account executives, Nayibe Galvis and Alexandra Bernal. Based in Bogota, the Colombia team will work closely with RKH’s London team as well as RKH’s network of international hub offices.

Led by recently appointed Global Head of Aviation, Jason Humphreys, who joined RKH in February 2020, the newly enhanced team will focus on developing bespoke products for the company’s growing portfolio of general aviation, aerospace and airline clients. These clients are looking to purchase tailored solutions from an independent broker able to offer a real and unique alternative.

Commenting on the new team, Humphreys said, “The aviation market has seen seismic shifts over the last 24 months but with our newly expanded team, we are now positioned perfectly to take advantage of global opportunities in the aviation sector. Seeking out and attracting the very best talent to join our already strong team is a key strategy for us and these hires represent a great leap forward for RKH. By October 2020, we will have gone from a seven person team in London to a team of 21, with dedicated aviation hubs in two continents.”

Darren Norris, Managing Director of RKH Specialty’s Risk Solutions division commented, “In current market conditions, clients need both new and creative routes to market across all specialty lines. Over the years we have built market-leading practices across the full spectrum of specialties and we believe there are opportunities in Aviation where we can bring something new for clients.”

“Tough market conditions stimulate innovation and we intend to be at the forefront of those changes. Our expanded Aviation team sits alongside our Cargo and Marine teams, maximising our logistical expertise and service levels in London and in our international hub offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai and Miami. By accessing all of the world’s markets through one united team of experts, we can provide the best service and marketing expertise for our clients”, he added.