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Miguel Baptista appointed as Chief Data Officer for Hyperion X


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Hyperion X

Hyperion X, the newly launched data and technology arm of Hyperion Insurance Group, today announced the appointment of Miguel Baptista who will be taking the role of Chief Data Officer.

Baptista joins Hyperion X from MSD, a leading global biopharmaceutical company where he was Senior Director of Information Platforms in its Prague-based global innovation centre, supporting research, manufacturing, sales and marketing divisions.

Baptista’s career at MSD spanned over 20 years where he was instrumental in developing modern data and analytics architecture and executing global business intelligence, analytics and information management projects on a global scale.

As Chief Data Officer, Baptista will direct Hyperion X’s collection, use and analysis of data, providing the catalyst for the ongoing development of a range of digital products of appeal to clients and business partners at every point in the insurance distribution chain.

Barnaby Rugge-Price, CEO of Hyperion X, commented, “Miguel will be a huge asset to us as he not only has the deep technical knowledge that we require to deliver results but also the creativity and strategic mindset that will drive innovation and growth. By combining our expertise in international insurance markets with improved business insights from data, we can use technology to lower costs, to enhance our client interactions and to create new market spaces.”